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Skin treatments

Face Lifting

We specialise in non-surgical treatments for the face and body that smooth and tighten the skin’s surface and tone the deep layers beneath. Leave your concerns with us and walk out with confidence. Fine lines, wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Improve the skin’s appearance for a younger, fresher look with tightening, toning, healing and stimulating treatments.


Face Lifting

Body sculpting and double chin shaping
Shape the face or body with fat sculpting and skin-tightening non-surgical procedures to bring out your best features.

Fast, effective results
Non-surgical treatments, minimal downtime and cost, with results that show from the first treatment.

HIFU Non-Surgical Face Lifting

A two-stage facial treatment perfect to have you looking your best for your next big event.


We’ve combined HIFU & skin micro-dermbration technology to rejuvenate and tighten the skin in only four weeks.

Using complementary treatments, the skin heals and delivers the best results in a shorter time, getting you ready to shine faster.

HIFU Body Sculpting / Skin Tightening
Harnesses the full potential of the HIFU technology, this system stimulates fat cell death to smooth stubborn areas while tightening and toning the skin.


This treatment works best on mummy-tummies, loose skin from weight loss, and gently toning areas that lack elasticity.


Therapy room located

11 Fairlie Terrace, Salisbury Brisbane QLD 4107
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