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Physiotherapy and Manipulation

Manipulation & Mobilisation are manual techniques used by physios in order to improve the mobility and function of your soft tissues, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Manipulation is usually performed as a very fast, accurate movement on the neck or back area and provides pain relief and increases flexibility.


Manipulation techniques as part of manual therapy to improve an individual's movement potential is within a physiotherapist's scope of practice.


Manipulation & Sports injury

Experiencing stiff joints or muscles, or have lack of movement?


If yes, then Lea will be able to assess your issue and apply the necessary treatments to mobilise your joints.

Joint manipulation has many clinically proven effects which include:

  • Relief of musculoskeletal pain.

  • Faster recovery time from acute back sprains.

  • Increase in range of motion.

  • Positive physiological effects on the central nervous system.

  • 'Unlocking joints'

How difference between stretching and Manipulation?
Stretching is a mechanical process of lengthening soft tissue. All soft tissues have certain fundamental properties, including the property of “creep.” Creep describes the gradual change in shape (deformation) of a tissue that occurs when it is subjected to a force that is applied to the tissue in a slow and sustained manner. 


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